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Brake lamp switch


(1) Remove steering column cover and lower trim panel for switch access (if necessary).

(2) Press brake pedal downward to fully applied position.

(3) Rotate switch approximately 30 in counterclockwise direction to unlock switch retainer. Then pull switch rearward and out of bracket.

(4) Disconnect switch harness and remove switch from vehicle (Fig. 17).

Fig. 17 Brake Lamp Switch
Fig. 17 Brake Lamp Switch



(1) Pull switch plunger all the way out to fully extended position.

(2) Connect harness wires to switch.

(3) Press and hold brake pedal in applied position.

(4) Install switch as follows: Align tab on switch with notch in switch bracket. Then insert switch in bracket and turn it clockwise about 30 to lock it in place.

(5) Release brake pedal. Then pull pedal lightly rearward. Pedal will set plunger to correct position as pedal pushes plunger into switch body. Switch will make ratcheting sound as it self adjusts.

CAUTION: Booster damage may occur if the pedal pull exceeds 20 lbs..

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