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Clutch contamination

Fluid contamination is a frequent cause of clutch malfunctions. Oil, water, or clutch fluid on the clutch disc and pressure plate surfaces will cause chatter, slip and grab.

During inspection, note if any components are contaminated with oil, hydraulic fluid, or water/road splash.

Oil contamination indicates a leak at either the rear main seal or transmission input shaft. Oil leakage produces a residue of oil on the housing interior and on the clutch cover and flywheel. Heat buildup caused by slippage between the cover, disc and flywheel, can sometimes bake the oil residue onto the components. The glaze-like residue ranges in color from amber to black.

Road splash contamination means dirt/water is entering the clutch housing due to loose bolts, housing cracks, or through hydraulic line openings. Driving through deep water puddles can force water/road splash into the housing through such openings.

Clutch fluid leaks are usually from damaged slave cylinder push rod seals. This type of leak can only be confirmed by visual inspection.

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