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Clutch diagnosis charts

The clutch inspection chart (Fig. 8) outlines items to be checked before and during clutch installation.

Use the chart as a check list to help avoid overlooking potential problem sources during service operations.

The diagnosis charts describe common clutch problems, causes and correction. Fault conditions are listed at the top of each chart. Conditions, causes and corrective action are outlined in the indicated columns.

The charts are provided as a convenient reference when diagnosing faulty clutch operation.





Disc facing worn out
  1. Normal wear.
  2.  Driver frequently rides (slips) the clutch. Results in rapid overheating and wear.
  3.  Insufficient clutch cover diaphragm spring tension.
  1.  Replace cover and disc.
  2.  Replace cover and disc.
  3.  Replace cover and disc.
Clutch disc facing contaminated with oil, grease, or clutch fluid.
  1. Leak at rear main engine seal or transmission input shaft seal.
  2.  Excessive amount of grease applied to the input shaft splines.
  3. Road splash, water entering housing.
  4. Slave cylinder leaking.
  1.  Replace appropriate seal.
  2.  Remove grease and apply the correct amount of grease.
  3.  Replace clutch disc. Clean clutch cover and reuse if in good condition.
  4. Replace hydraulic clutch linkage.
Clutch is running partially disengaged
  1. Release bearing sticking or binding and does not return to the normal running position.
  1. Verify failure. Replace the release bearing and transmission front bearing retainer as necessary.
Flywheel below minimum thickness specification.
  1. Improper flywheel machining. Flywheel has excessive taper or excessive material removal.
  1. Replace flywheel.
Clutch disc, cover and/or diaphragm spring warped or distorted.
  1. Rough handling. Impact bent cover, spring, or disc.
  2. Improper bolt tightening procedure.
  1.  Replace disc or cover as necessary.
  2.  Tighten clutch cover using proper procedure.
Facing on flywheel side of disc torn, gouged, or worn.
  1. Flywheel surface scored or nicked.
  2. Clutch disc sticking or binding on transmission input shaft.
  1.  Correct surface condition if possible. Replace flywheel and disc as necessary.
  2.  Inspect components and correct/replace as necessary
Clutch disc facing burnt. Flywheel and cover pressure plate surfaces heavily glazed.
  1. Frequent operation under high loads or hard acceleration conditions.
  2.  Driver frequently rides (slips) clutch. Results in rapid wear and overheating of disc and cover.
  1.  Correct condition of flywheel and pressure plate surface. Replace clutch cover and disc. Alert driver to problem cause.
  2.  Correct condition of flywheel and pressure plate surface. Replace clutch cover and disc. Alert driver to problem cause.
Clutch disc binds on input shaft splines.
  1. Clutch disc hub splines damaged during installation.
  2.  Input shaft splines rough, damaged, or corroded.
  1.  Clean, smooth, and lubricate hub splines if possible. Replace disc if necessary.
  2.  Clean, smooth, and lubricate shaft splines if possible. Replace input shaft if necessary.
Clutch disc rusted to flywheel and/or pressure plate.
  1. Clutch not used for and extended period of time (e.g. long term vehicle storage).
  1. Sand rusted surfaces with 180 grit sanding paper. Replace clutch cover and flywheel if necessary.
Pilot bearing seized, loose, or rollers are worn.
  1. Bearing cocked during installation.
  2.  Bearing defective.
  3.  Bearing not lubricated.
  4.  Clutch misalignment.
  1.  Install and lubricate a new bearing.
  2. Install and lubricate a new bearing.
  3. Install and lubricate a new bearing.
  4. Inspect clutch and correct as necessary. Install and lubricate a new bearing.
Clutch will not disengage properly. 1
  1. Low clutch fluid level.
  2. Clutch cover loose.
  3. Clutch disc bent or distorted.
  4. Clutch cover diaphragm spring bent or warped..
  5.  Clutch disc installed backwards.
  6. Release fork bent or fork pivot loose or damaged.
  7. Clutch master or slave cylinder failure.
  1.  Replace hydraulic linkage assembly.
  2. Follow proper bolt tightening procedure.
  3. Replace clutch disc.
  4.  Replace clutch cover
  5. Remove and install clutch disc correctly.
  6.  Replace fork or pivot as necessary.
  7.  Replace hydraulic linkage assembly.
Clutch pedal squeak.
  1. Pivot pin loose.
  2.  Master cylinder bushing not lubricated.
  3.  Pedal bushings worn out or cracked.
  1.  Tighten pivot pin if possible. Replace clutch pedal if necessary.
  2. Lubricate master cylinder bushing.
  3.  Replace and lubricate bushings.
Clutch master or slave cylinder plunger dragging andør binding
  1. Master or slave cylinder components worn or corroded.
  1. Replace clutch hydraulic linkage assembly.
Release bearing is noisy.
  1. Release bearing defective or damaged.
  1.  Replace release bearing.
Contact surface of release bearing damaged.
  1. Clutch cover incorrect or release fingers bent or distorted.
  2. Release bearing defective or damaged.
  3. Release bearing misaligned.
  1.  Replace clutch cover and release bearing.
  2. Replace the release bearing.
  3. Check and correct runout of clutch components. Check front bearing sleeve for damage/ alignment. Repair as necessary
Partial engagement of clutch disc. One side of disc is worn and the other side is glazed and lightly worn.
  1. Clutch pressure plate position incorrect.
  2. Clutch cover, spring, or release fingers bent or distorted.
  3. Clutch disc damaged or distorted.
  4.  Clutch misalignment.
  1. Replace clutch disc and cover.
  2.  Replace clutch disc and cover.
  3.  Replace clutch disc.
  4. Check alignment and runout of flywheel, disc, pressure plate, andør clutch housing. Correct as necessary.
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