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The compass will display the direction in which the vehicle is pointed using the eight major compass headings (Examples: north is N, northeast is NE). It does not display the headings in actual degrees.

The self-calibrating compass unit requires no adjusting in normal use. The only calibration that may prove necessary is to drive the vehicle in three complete circles, on level ground, in not less than 48 seconds. This will reorient the compass unit to its vehicle.

The compass unit also will compensate for magnetism the body of the vehicle may acquire during normal use. However, avoid placing anything magnetic directly on the roof of the vehicle. Magnetic mounts for an antenna, a repair order hat, or a funeral procession flag can exceed the compensating ability of the compass unit if placed on the roof panel. Magnetic bit drivers used on the fasteners that hold the assembly to the roof header can also affect compass operation. If the vehicle roof should become magnetized, demagnetizing and calibration may be required to restore proper compass operation. See Compass Calibration or Compass Demagnetizing in the Service Procedures section of this group for these procedures.

The compass, trip computer, and thermometer display module cannot be repaired, and is only available for service as a unit. If faulty or damaged, the complete module must be replaced. The push button (Step and U. S./Metric) switch module is serviced separately.

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