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Door module

A Driver Door Module (DDM) and a Passenger Door Module (PDM) are used on all models equipped with power locks and power windows. Each door module houses both the front door power lock and power window switches. In addition to the switches for its own door, the DDM houses individual switches for each passenger door power window, a power window lockout switch and the power mirror switch. The PDM contains the control circuitry and the power lock and unlock relays for the entire power lock system.

In its role as the power lock control module, the PDM receives inputs from the battery, the ignition switch, the DDM, the driver door ajar switch, the key-in ignition switch, and the headlamp switch. It also receives a hard-wired input from the remote Keyless Entry (RKE) receiver, if the vehicle is so equipped. In response to these inputs, the PDM sends the proper outputs to control the power lock motors through its integral power lock and unlock relays.

The DDM and the PDM are mounted to their respective front door trim panels. The DDM and PDM are serviced individually and cannot be repaired. If the DDM or PDM, or any of the switches and circuitry that they contain are faulty or damaged, the complete DDM or PDM unit must be replaced.

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