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Drum brake shoes


(1) Raise vehicle and remove rear wheels.

(2) Remove and discard spring nuts securing drums to wheel studs.

(3) Remove brake drums. If drums prove difficult to remove, retract brake shoes. Remove access plug at the rear of backing plate and back off adjuster screw with brake tool and screwdriver.

(4) Remove U-clip and washer securing adjuster cable to parking brake lever (Fig. 34).

(5) Remove primary and secondary return springs from anchor pin with brake spring pliers.

(6) Remove hold-down springs, retainers and pins with standard retaining spring tool.

(7) Install spring clamps on wheel cylinders to hold pistons in place.

(8) Remove adjuster lever, adjuster screw and spring.

(9) Remove adjuster cable and cable guide.

(10) Remove brake shoes and parking brake strut.

(11) Disconnect cable from parking brake lever and remove lever.


(1) Clean support plate with brake cleaner.

(2) If new drums are being installed, remove protective coating with carburetor cleaner followed by final rinse with brake cleaner.

(3) Clean and lubricate anchor pin with light coat of Mopar multi-mileage grease.

(4) Apply Mopar multi-mileage grease to brake shoe contact surfaces of support plate (Fig. 35).

(5) Lubricate adjuster screw threads and pivot with spray lube.

(6) Attach parking brake lever to secondary brake shoe. Use new washer and U-clip to secure lever.

(7) Remove wheel cylinder clamps.

(8) Attach parking brake cable to lever.

(9) Install brake shoes on support plate. Secure shoes with new hold-down springs, pins and retainers.

(10) Install parking brake strut and spring.

(11) Install guide plate and adjuster cable on anchor pin.

(12) Install primary and secondary return springs.

(13) Install adjuster cable guide on secondary shoe.

(14) Lubricate and assemble adjuster screw.

(15) Install adjuster screw, spring and lever and connect to adjuster cable.

(16) Adjust shoes to drum.

(17) Install wheel/tire assemblies and lower vehicle.

(18) Verify firm brake pedal before moving vehicle.

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