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A cigar lighter is standard equipment on this model. The cigar lighter is installed in the instrument panel accessory switch bezel, which is located near the bottom of the instrument panel center bezel area, below the heater and air conditioner controls.

The cigar lighter base is secured by a snap fit within the accessory switch bezel.

The cigar lighter receptacle is serviced only as a part of the accessory switch bezel unit. If the cigar lighter base is faulty or damaged, the accessory switch bezel unit must be replaced. The cigar lighter knob and heating element unit is available for service.

This component cannot be repaired and, if faulty or damaged, it must be replaced.


The cigar lighter consists of two major components: a knob and heating element unit, and the cigar lighter base or receptacle shell. The receptacle shell is connected to ground, and an insulated contact in the bottom of the shell is connected to battery current.

The cigar lighter receives battery voltage from a fuse in the junction block through the cigar lighter relay only when the ignition switch is in the Accessory or On positions. Refer to Cigar Lighter Relay in the Description and Operation section of this group for more information on this component.

The cigar lighter knob and heating element are encased within a spring-loaded housing, which also features a sliding protective heat shield. When the knob and heating element are inserted in the receptacle shell, the heating element resistor coil is grounded through its housing to the receptacle shell.

If the cigar lighter knob is pushed inward, the heat shield slides up toward the knob exposing the heating element, and the heating element extends from the housing toward the insulated contact in the bottom of the receptacle shell.

Two small spring-clip retainers are located on either side of the insulated contact inside the bottom of the receptacle shell. These clips engage and hold the heating element against the insulated contact long enough for the resistor coil to heat up. When the heating element is engaged with the contact, battery current can flow through the resistor coil to ground, causing the resistor coil to heat.

When the resistor coil becomes sufficiently heated, excess heat radiates from the heating element causing the spring-clips to expand. Once the spring-clips expand far enough to release the heating element, the spring-loaded housing forces the knob and heating element to pop back outward to their relaxed position. When the cigar lighter knob and element are pulled out of the receptacle shell, the protective heat shield slides downward on the housing so that the heating element is recessed and shielded around its circumference for safety.

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