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Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission

The transmission gear range (PRND) is displayed both beside the shift lever and in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)/Driver Information Display (DID). To select a gear range, press the lock button on the shift lever and move the lever rearward or forward. You must also press the brake pedal to shift the transmission out of PARK, or to shift from NEUTRAL into DRIVE or REVERSE when the vehicle is stopped or moving at low speeds (refer to Brake/Transmission Shift Interlock System in this section). Select the DRIVE range for normal driving.

The electronically-controlled transmission provides a precise shift schedule. The transmission electronics are self-calibrating; therefore, the first few shifts on a new vehicle may be somewhat abrupt. This is a normal condition, and precision shifts will develop within a few hundred miles (kilometers).

The nine-speed transmission has been developed to meet the needs of FCA current and future lineup of FWD/ AWD vehicles. Software and calibration is refined to optimize the customer's driving experience and fuel economy. By design, some vehicle and driveline combinations utilize 9th gear only in very specific driving situations and conditions.

Only shift from DRIVE to PARK or REVERSE when the accelerator pedal is released and the vehicle is stopped.

Be sure to keep your foot on the brake pedal when shifting between these gears.

The transmission shift lever has PARK, REVERSE, NEUTRAL, DRIVE, and Electronic Range Select (ERS) shift positions. Manual downshifts can be made using the ERS shift control (refer to Electronic Range Select (ERS) Operation in this section for further information). Moving the shift lever into the ERS (-/+) position (beside the DRIVE position) activates ERS mode, displays the current gear in the instrument cluster, and prevents automatic upshifts beyond this gear. In ERS mode, toggling the shift lever forward (-) or rearward (+) will change the highest available gear.

NOTE: If the shift lever cannot be moved to the PARK, REVERSE, or NEUTRAL position (when pushed forward) it is probably in the ERS (+/-) position (beside the DRIVE position). In ERS mode, the transmission gear limit (1, 2, 3, etc.) is displayed in the instrument cluster.

Move the shift lever to the right (into the DRIVE [D] position) for access to PARK, REVERSE, and NEUTRAL.

Shift Lever
Shift Lever

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