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Power distribution system


This group covers the various standard and optional power distribution components used on this model. The power distribution system for this vehicle consists of the following components:

  •  Power Distribution Center (PDC)
  •  Junction Block (JB).

The power distribution system also incorporates various types of circuit control and protection features, including:

  •  Automatic resetting circuit breakers
  •  Blade-type fuses
  •  Maxi fuse-type fusible links
  •  Relays.

Following are general descriptions of the major components in the power distribution system. See the owner's manual in the vehicle glove box for more information on the features and use of all of the power distribution system components. Refer to the index in this service manual for the location of complete circuit diagrams for the various power distribution system components.

NOTE: This group covers both Left-Hand Drive (LHD) and Right-Hand Drive (RHD) versions of this model. Whenever required and feasible, the RHD versions of affected vehicle components have been constructed as mirror-image of the LHD versions.

While most of the illustrations used in this group represent only the LHD version, the diagnostic and service procedures outlined can generally be applied to either version. Exceptions to this rule have been clearly identified as LHD or RHD, if a special illustration or procedure is required.


The power distribution system for this vehicle is designed to provide safe, reliable, and centralized distribution points for the electrical current required to operate all of the many standard and optional factory- installed electrical and electronic powertrain, chassis, safety, security, comfort and convenience systems.

At the same time, the power distribution system was designed to provide ready access to these electrical distribution points for the vehicle technician to use when conducting diagnosis and repair of faulty circuits. The power distribution system can also prove useful for the sourcing of additional electrical circuits that may be required to provide the electrical current needed to operate many accessories that the vehicle owner may choose to have installed in the aftermarket.

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