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The tie rod end and ball stud seals should be inspected during all oil changes. If a seal is damaged, it should be replaced. Before installing a new seal, inspect ball stud at the throat opening. Check for lubricant loss, contamination, ball stud wear or corrosion.

If these conditions exist, replace the tie rod. A replacement seal can be installed if lubricant is in good condition. Otherwise, a complete replacement ball stud end should be installed.

CAUTION: If any steering components are replaced or serviced an alignment must be performed, to ensure the vehicle meets all alignment specifications.

CAUTION: Components attached with a nut and cotter pin must be torqued to specification. Then if the slot in the nut does not line up with the cotter pin hole, tighten nut until it is aligned. Never loosen the nut to align the cotter pin hole.

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