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Single cardan universal joint


Individual components of cardan universal joints are not serviceable. If worn or leaking, they must be replaced as an assembly.

  1.  Remove the propeller shaft.
  2.  Using a soft drift, tap the outside of the bearing cap assembly to loosen snap ring.
  3.  Remove snap rings from both sides of yoke (Fig. 18).

 Remove Snap Ring
Fig. 18 Remove Snap Ring


  1. Set the yoke in an arbor press or vise with a socket whose inside diameter is large enough to receive the bearing cap positioned beneath the yoke.
  2.  Position the yoke with the grease fitting, if equipped, pointing up.
  3.  Place a socket with an outside diameter smaller than the upper bearing cap on the upper bearing cap and press the cap through the yoke to release the lower bearing cap (Fig. 19).

Press Out Bearing
Fig. 19 Press Out Bearing


  1. If the bearing cap will not pull out of the yoke by hand after pressing, tap the yoke ear near the bearing cap to dislodge the cap.
  2.  To remove the opposite bearing cap, turn the yoke over and straighten the cross in the open hole. Then, carefully press the end of the cross until the remaining bearing cap can be removed (Fig. 20).

CAUTION: If the cross or bearing cap are not straight during installation, the bearing cap will score the walls of the yoke bore and damage can occur.


  1.  Apply extreme pressure (EP) N.L.G.I. Grade 1 or 2 grease to inside of yoke bores to aid in installation.
  2.  Position the cross in the yoke with its lube fitting, if equipped, pointing up (Fig. 21).

Press Out Remaining Bearing
Fig. 20 Press Out Remaining Bearing


Install Cross In Yoke
Fig. 21 Install Cross In Yoke

2 - YOKE

  1. Place a bearing cap over the trunnion and align the cap with the yoke bore (Fig. 22). Keep the needle bearings upright in the bearing assembly. A needle bearing lying at the bottom of the cap will prevent proper assembly.

Install Bearing On Trunnion
Fig. 22 Install Bearing On Trunnion


  1. Press the bearing cap into the yoke bore enough to install a snap ring.
  2.  Install a snap ring.
  3.  Repeat Step 3 and Step 4to install the opposite bearing cap. If the joint is stiff or binding, strike the yoke with a soft hammer to seat the needle bearings.
  4.  Add grease to lube fitting, if equipped.
  5.  Install the propeller shaft.
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