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Valves and valve springs

This procedure is done with the engine cylinder head removed from the block.


(1) Remove the engine cylinder head from the cylinder block.

(2) Use Valve Spring Compressor Tool MD-998772A and compress each valve spring.

(3) Remove the valve locks, retainers, springs and valve stem oil seals. Discard the oil seals.

(4) Use a smooth stone or a jewelers file to remove any burrs on the top of the valve stem, especially around the groove for the locks.

(5) Remove the valves, and place them in a rack in the same order as removed.


(1) Thoroughly clean the valve stems and the valve guide bores.

(2) Lightly lubricate the stem.

(3) Install the valve in the original valve guide bore.

(4) Install the replacement valve stem oil seals on the valve stems. If the 0.381 mm (0.015 inch) oversize valve stems are used, oversize oil seals are required.

(5) Position the valve spring and retainer on the engine cylinder head and compress the valve spring with Valve Spring Compressor Tool MD-998772A.

(6) Install the valve locks and release the tool.

(7) Tap the valve spring from side to side with a hammer to ensure that the spring is properly seated at the engine cylinder head. Also tap the top of the retainer to seat the valve locks.

(8) Install the engine cylinder head.

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