Jeep Cherokee (KL): Adding fuel

The gas cap is located behind the fuel filler door, on the passenger side of the vehicle. If the gas cap is lost or damaged, be sure the replacement cap has been designed for use with this vehicle.

NOTE: When removing the fuel filler cap, lay the cap tether in the hook, located on the fuel filler door reinforcement.

1. Push the fuel filler door release switch (located on the driver's side door trim).

Fuel Filler Door Release Switch
Fuel Filler Door Release Switch

2. Open the fuel filler door, and remove the fuel filler  cap.

Fuel Filler Cap (Gas Cap)
Fuel Filler Cap (Gas Cap)


  • In certain cold conditions, ice may prevent the fuel door from opening. If this occurs, lightly push on the fuel door to break the ice buildup and re-release the fuel door using the inside release button. Do not pry on the door.
  • When the fuel nozzle "clicks" or shuts off, the fuel tank is full.
  • Tighten the gas cap about one quarter turn until you hear one click. This is an indication that the cap is properly tightened.
  • Tighten the gas cap about one quarter turn until you hear one click. This is an indication that the cap is properly tightened.


  • Damage to the fuel system or emission control system could result from using an improper fuel filler cap. A poorly fitting cap could let impurities into the fuel system. Also, a poorly fitting aftermarket cap can cause the "Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)" to illuminate, due to fuel vapors escaping from the system.
  • A poorly fitting fuel filler cap may cause the MIL to turn on.
  • To avoid fuel spillage and overfilling, do not "top off" the fuel tank after filling.


  • Never have any smoking materials lit in or near the vehicle when the gas cap is removed or the tank is being filled.
  • Never add fuel when the engine is running. This is in violation of most state and federal fire regulations and may cause the MIL to turn on.
  • A fire may result if gasoline is pumped into a portable container that is inside of a vehicle. You could be burned. Always place gas containers on the ground while filling.

Emergency Fuel Filler Door Release

If you are unable to open the fuel filler door, use the fuel filler door emergency release.

1. Open the liftgate.

2. Remove access door located on right interior trim panel for release cable with the tip of your key.

Fuel Door Release Location
Fuel Door Release Location

3. Grab the release cable tether and pull up to release the fuel filler door.

Fuel Door Released
Fuel Door Released

Loose Fuel Filler Cap Message

If the vehicle diagnostic system determines that the fuel filler cap is loose, improperly installed, or damaged, a "CHECK GASCAP" message will be displayed in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) or Driver Information Display (DID). Refer to "Electronic Vehicle Information (EVIC) or Driver Information Display (DID)" in "Understanding Your Instrument Panel" for further information. Tighten the fuel filler cap until a "clicking" sound is heard. This is an indication that the fuel filler cap is properly tightened. Refer to "Onboard Diagnostic System" in "Maintaining Your Vehicle" for further information.

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