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Clutch component lubrication

Proper clutch component lubrication is important to satisfactory operation. Using the correct lubricant and not over lubricating are equally important. Apply recommended lubricant sparingly to avoid disc and pressure plate contamination.

Clutch and transmission components requiring lubrication are:

  •  Pilot bearing.
  •  Release lever pivot ball stud.
  •  Release lever contact surfaces.
  •  Release bearing bore.
  •  Clutch disc hub splines.
  •  Clutch pedal pivot shaft bore.
  •  Clutch pedal bushings.
  •  Input shaft splines.
  •  Input shaft pilot hub.
  •  Transmission front bearing retainer slide surface.

NOTE: Never apply grease to any part of the clutch cover, or disc.


Use Mopart multi-purpose grease for the clutch pedal bushings and pivot shaft. Use Mopart high temperature grease (or equivalent) for all other lubrication requirements. Apply recommended amounts and do not over lubricate.

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