Jeep Cherokee (XJ): Coolant-low level aeration. Deaeration

Coolant-low level aeration

If the coolant level in radiator drops below top of radiator core tubes, air will enter cooling system.

Low coolant level can cause thermostat pellet to be suspended in air instead of coolant. This will cause thermostat to open later, which in turn causes higher coolant temperature. Air trapped in cooling system also reduces amount of coolant circulating in heater core resulting in low heat output.


As the engine operates, any air trapped in cooling system gathers under the radiator cap. The next time the engine is operated, thermal expansion of coolant will push any trapped air past radiator cap into the coolant reserve/overflow tank. Here it escapes to the atmosphere into the tank. When the engine cools down the coolant, it will be drawn from the reserve/ overflow tank into the radiator to replace any removed air.

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