Jeep Cherokee (XJ): Description and operation




Jeep Cherokee vehicles do not have a conventional frame. They are constructed as a unitized body and frame. Jeep unibodies are constructed from special high strength steel and coated metals. This process reduces weight and provides strength to withstand the forces applied against structural members. The structural members provide a unibody that has great structural strength.



The bumpers on the Jeep Cherokee are made up of the main bumper beam, the end caps, air deflector (front bumper) and mounting brackets. Some Cherokee models also have a tow hook support bracket.


The bumpers are fastened to the unitized body frame rails. The bumper end caps are fastened to the bumper and the body side sheet metal.

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    Front bumper end cap REMOVAL (1) Remove the rivet attaching the end cap to the air deflector. (2) Remove the bolts and nuts attaching the end cap to the bumper (Fig. 1). (3) Pull back the whe ...

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