Jeep Cherokee (KL): Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM). Trailer Sway Control (TSC). Ready Alert Braking (RAB)

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Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM)

This system anticipates the potential for wheel lift by monitoring the driver's steering wheel input and the speed of the vehicle. When ERM determines that the rate of change of the steering wheel angle and vehicle's speed are sufficient to potentially cause wheel lift, it then applies the appropriate brake and may also reduce engine power to lessen the chance that wheel lift will occur. ERM can only reduce the chance of wheel lift occurring during severe or evasive driving maneuvers; it cannot prevent wheel lift due to other factors, such as road conditions, leaving the roadway, or striking objects or other vehicles.

NOTE: ERM is disabled anytime the ESC is in "Full Off" mode (if equipped). Refer to "Electronic Stability Control (ESC)" in this section for a complete explanation of the available ESC modes.


Many factors, such as vehicle loading, road conditions and driving conditions, influence the chance that wheel lift or rollover may occur. ERM cannot prevent all wheel lift or roll overs, especially those that involve leaving the roadway or striking objects or other vehicles. The capabilities of an ERMequipped vehicle must never be exploited in a reckless or dangerous manner which could jeopardize the user's safety or the safety of others.

Trailer Sway Control (TSC)

TSC uses sensors in the vehicle to recognize an excessively swaying trailer and will take the appropriate actions to attempt to stop the sway. TSC will become active automatically once an excessively swaying trailer is recognized. Note that TSC cannot stop all trailers from swaying. Always use caution when towing a trailer and follow the trailer tongue weight recommendations. Refer to "Trailer Towing" in this section for further information.

When TSC is functioning, the "ESC Activation/ Malfunction Indicator Light" will flash, the engine power may be reduced and you may feel the brakes being applied to individual wheels to attempt to stop the trailer from swaying. TSC is disabled when the ESC system is in the "Partial Off" or "Full Off" modes.


If TSC activates while driving, slow the vehicle down, stop at the nearest safe location, and adjust the trailer load to eliminate trailer sway.

Ready Alert Braking (RAB)

Ready Alert Braking may reduce the time required to reach full braking during emergency braking situations.

It anticipates when an emergency braking situation may occur by monitoring how fast the throttle is released by the driver. The EBC will prepare the brake system for a panic stop.

Rainy Brake Support (RBS)

Rainy Brake Support may improve braking performance in wet conditions. It will periodically apply a small amount of brake pressure to remove any water buildup on the front brake rotors. It functions when the windshield wipers are in LO or HI speed. When Rainy Brake Support is active, there is no notification to the driver and no driver interaction is required.

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