Jeep Cherokee (XJ): General information


An overhead console featuring a mini trip computer, an electronic compass, and an outside ambient temperature thermometer is an available factory-installed option on this model. Refer to 8W-49 - Overhead Console in Group 8W - Wiring Diagrams for complete circuit descriptions and diagrams.

NOTE: This group covers both Left-Hand Drive (LHD) and Right-Hand Drive (RHD) versions of this model. Whenever required and feasible, the RHD versions of affected vehicle components have been constructed as mirror-image of the LHD versions.

While most of the illustrations used in this group represent only the LHD version, the diagnostic and service procedures outlined can generally be applied to either version. Exceptions to this rule have been clearly identified as LHD or RHD, if a special illustration or procedure is required.

Overhead console

The overhead console for this model includes a mini trip computer, an electronic compass, and an outside ambient temperature thermometer. The overhead console also houses two front-mounted and two rear-mounted reading and courtesy lamps, a garage door opener storage bin, and a sunglasses storage bin.

On models equipped with the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) option, the RKE receiver is also located within the overhead console housing. Refer to Group 8P - Power Lock Systems for more information on this feature.

Following are general descriptions of the major components used in the overhead console. Refer to the owner's manual in the vehicle glove box for more information on the features, use and operation of the various overhead console components.

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