Jeep Cherokee (KL): Heated steering wheel

The steering wheel contains a heating element that helps warm your hands in cold weather. The heated steering wheel has only one temperature setting. Once the heated steering wheel has been turned on it can operate for up to 120 minutes before automatically shutting off. The heated steering wheel can shut off early or may not turn on when the steering wheel is already warm.

The heated steering wheel control button is located within the Uconnect system. You can gain access to the control button through the climate screen or the controls screen.

  • Press the heated steering wheel button   once to turn the heating element ON.
  • Press the heated steering wheel button   a second time to turn the heating element OFF.

NOTE: The engine must be running for the heated steering wheel to operate.

Vehicles Equipped With Remote Start

On models that are equipped with remote start, the heated steering wheel can be programmed to come on during a remote start through the Uconnect system. Refer to "Uconnect Settings" in "Understanding Your Instrument Panel" for further information.


  • Persons who are unable to feel pain to the skin because of advanced age, chronic illness, diabetes, spinal cord injury, medication, alcohol use, exhaustion, or other physical conditions must exercise care when using the steering wheel heater. It may cause burns even at low temperatures, especially if used for long periods.
  • Do not place anything on the steering wheel that insulates against heat, such as a blanket or steering wheel covers of any type and material. This may cause the steering wheel heater to overheat.

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