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Understanding the features of your vehicle
Power outlets

Your vehicle is equipped with 12 Volt (13 Amp) power outlets that can be used to power cellular phones, small electronics and other low powered electrical accessories.

The power outlets are labeled with either a "key" or a "battery" symbol to indicate how the outlet is powered.

Power outlets labeled with a "key" are powered when the ignition switch is in the ON or ACC position, while the outlets labeled with a "battery" are connected directly to the battery and powered at all times.


  • All accessories connected to the "battery" powered outlets should be removed or turned off when the vehicle is not in use to protect the battery against discharge.
  • To ensure proper cigar lighter operation, a MOPAR knob and element must be used.


Power outlets are designed for accessory plugs only.

Do not insert any other object in the power outlets as this will damage the outlet and blow the fuse.

Improper use of the power outlet can cause damage not covered by your New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

The front power outlet is located inside the storage area on the center stack of the instrument panel.

Front Power Outlet
Front Power Outlet

In addition to the front power outlet, there is also a power outlet located in the storage area of the center console.

A third fused 12 Volt power outlet is located on the left quarter trim panel in the cargo area. This power outlet has power available when the ignition switch is in the ON or ACC position.

Rear Power Outlet
Rear Power Outlet

NOTE: The rear cargo power outlet can be changed to "battery" powered all the time by switching the power outlet Power Distribution Center panel fuse from fuse location F91 to F81.

Rear Cargo Power Outlet Fuse Locations
Rear Cargo Power Outlet Fuse Locations

Power Outlet Fuse Locations
Power Outlet Fuse Locations

1 - F75 Fuse 20A Yellow Front Power Outlet/Cigar Lighter Console Bin

2 - F91 Fuse 20A Yellow Rear Power Outlet (powered when the ignition switch is in the ON or ACC position)

3 - F81 Fuse 20A Yellow Rear Power Outlet (battery powered at all times)

4 - F60 Fuse 20A Yellow Power Outlet Center Console


  • To avoid serious injury or death:
  • Only devices designed for use in this type of outlet should be inserted into any 12 Volt outlet.
  • Do not touch with wet hands.
  • Close the lid when not in use and while driving the vehicle.
  • If this outlet is mishandled, it may cause an electric shock and failure.


  • Many accessories that can be plugged in draw power from the vehicle's battery, even when not in use (i.e., cellular phones, etc.). Eventually, if plugged in long enough, the vehicle's battery will discharge sufficiently to degrade battery life and/or prevent the engine from starting.
  • Accessories that draw higher power (i.e., coolers, vacuum cleaners, lights, etc.) will degrade the battery even more quickly. Only use these intermittently and with greater caution.
  • After the use of high power draw accessories, or long periods of the vehicle not being started (with accessories still plugged in), the vehicle must be driven a sufficient length of time to allow the generator to recharge the vehicle's battery.
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