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Power seat adjuster and motors

There are three reversible motors that operate the power seat adjuster. The motors are connected to worm-drive gearboxes that move the seat adjuster through a combination of screw-type drive units.

The front and rear of a seat are operated by different motors. They can be raised or lowered independently of each other. When the center seat switch is pushed to the Up or Down position, both the front and rear motors operate in unison, moving the entire seat up or down. The forward-rearward motor is operated by pushing the center seat switch to the Forward or Rearward position.

When a switch is actuated, a battery feed and a ground path are applied through the switch contacts to the motor(s). The motor(s) and drives operate to move the seat in the selected direction until the switch is released, or until the travel limit of the power seat adjuster is reached. When the switch is moved in the opposite direction, the battery feed and ground path to the motor(s) are reversed through the switch contacts. This causes the motor to run in the opposite direction.

Each motor contains a self-resetting circuit breaker to protect it from overload. Consecutive or frequent resetting of the circuit breakers must not be allowed to continue, or the motors may be damaged. Make the necessary repairs.

The power seat adjuster and motors cannot be repaired, and are serviced only as a complete unit. If any component in this unit is faulty or damaged, the entire power seat adjuster and motors assembly must be replaced.

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