Jeep Cherokee (KL): Wireless charging pad

Wireless Charging Pad
Wireless Charging Pad

Your vehicle may be equipped with a wireless charging pad located inside the upper portion of the center console.

This charging pad is designed to wirelessly charge your Qi enabled mobile phone. Qi is a standard that uses magnetic induction to transfer power to your mobile device.

Your mobile phone must be designed for Qi wireless charging, be equipped with an aftermarket sleeve or equipped with a back plate from your mobile phone provider, or an online or local electronics retailer.

The wireless charging pad is equipped with an anti-slip mat, an adjustable cradle to hold your mobile phone in place and an LED indicator light.

NOTE: Visit for supported mobile phones and compatible aftermarket sleeves.

Wireless Charging Pad Operation

To use the wireless charging pad, the coil in your mobile phone needs to align with the coil in the charging pad, which is located directly under the Qi logo. Since each mobile phone's coil location is different, you may need a few attempts to locate the correct spot for your mobile phone: 1. Place your mobile phone on the wireless charging pad, towards the Qi logo, so that the LED turns red. If the LED does not turn red, pick up the mobile phone and change the location.

2. Once the LED transitions from red to flashing green, your mobile phone is correctly placed and charging.

Qi Logo Phone Alignment
Qi Logo Phone Alignment

NOTE: The mobile phone must be aligned around the Qi logo for the LED to transition from red to flashing green.

3. If the LED does not transition from red to flashing green, and just turns off, pick up your mobile phone and reposition it on the charging pad.

4. Adjust the wireless charging pad mobile phone cradle to hold the mobile phone in position. The cradle moves by pushing down on the finger tabs and adjusting the cradle in or out.

Adjustable Finger Tabs
Adjustable Finger Tabs

NOTE: The initial adjustment will only need to be done once as long as only one mobile phone is used. If a different mobile phone is used, the cradle will need to be readjusted.

The LED indicator will flash green while the mobile phone is charging. The Qi enabled phone is able to function normally as it is charging.


Do not place metal object(s) between the mobile phone and wireless charging pad. Metal object(s) such as coins, rings or keys will become very HOT.

If metal object(s) become lodged between the mobile phone and wireless charging pad, carefully remove the mobile phone and allow the metal object(s) to cool before removing. Failure to wait until the object(s) cool could result in personal injury, including burns.


Do not place your vehicle Key Fob on the wireless charging pad, the Keyless Enter-N-Go feature may not work properly while a mobile phone is being charged.

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