Jeep Cherokee (KL): Brake system

Your vehicle is equipped with dual hydraulic brake systems. If either of the two hydraulic systems loses normal capability, the remaining system will still function. However, there will be some loss of overall braking effectiveness. This will be evident by increased pedal travel during application and greater pedal force required to slow or stop the vehicle. In addition, if the malfunction is caused by a leak in the hydraulic system, the "BrakeWarning Light" will turn on as the brake fluid level drops in the master cylinder.

In the event power assist is lost for any reason (i.e., repeated brake applications with the engine OFF) the brakes will still function. However, the effort required to brake the vehicle will be much greater than that required with the power system operating.


  • Riding the brakes can lead to brake failure and possibly a collision. Driving with your foot resting or riding on the brake pedal can result in abnormally high brake temperatures, excessive lining wear, and possible brake damage. You would not have your full braking capacity in an emergency.
  • Driving a vehicle with the "Brake Warning Light" on is dangerous. A significant decrease in braking performance or vehicle stability during braking may occur. It will take you longer to stop the vehicle or will make your vehicle harder to control.

    You could have a collision. Have the vehicle checked immediately.

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