Jeep Cherokee (XJ): Description and operation

Power mirror

Each power mirror head contains two electric motors, two drive mechanisms, and the mirror glass.

One motor and drive controls mirror up-and-down movement, and the other controls right-and-left movement.

The power mirrors in vehicles equipped with the available heated mirror option also include an electric heating grid located behind the mirror glass.

This heating grid is energized by the rear window defogger relay whenever the rear window defogger system is turned on. Refer to Group 8N - Electrically Heated Systems for more information on the operation of the rear window defogger system.

The power mirror assembly cannot be repaired.

Only the mirror glass is serviced separately. If any other component of the power mirror unit is faulty or damaged, the entire assembly must be replaced.

Power mirror switch

Both the right and left power outside mirrors are controlled by a single multi-function switch unit located on the driver side front door trim panel. Two versions of this switch are offered. Models without power windows or power locks have a stand-alone switch mounted in the driver side front door trim panel. Models equipped with power windows and power locks have a power mirror switch that is integral to the Driver Door Module (DDM).

Both versions of the switch are operated in the same manner. A three position rocker-type mirror selector switch is moved right (right mirror control), left (left mirror control), or center to turn the power mirrors off. Then one of four directional control buttons is depressed to control movement of the selected mirror up, down, right, or left. The directional control buttons of the DDM-mounted switch are illuminated when the ignition switch is in the On or Accessory positions. The stand-alone switch is not illuminated.

The stand-alone power mirror switch cannot be repaired and, if faulty or damaged, it must be replaced as a complete unit. If the DDM power mirror switch is faulty or damaged, the entire DDM unit must be replaced.

Door module

A Driver Door Module (DDM) and a Passenger Door Module (PDM) are used on all models equipped with power locks and power windows. Each door module houses both the front door power lock and power window switches. In addition to the switches for its own door, the DDM houses individual switches for each passenger door power window, a power window lockout switch, the power mirror switch, and circuitry to support the one-touch down feature of the driver side front door power window. The PDM also houses the control circuitry and the power lock and unlock relays for the power lock system.

The DDM and the PDM are mounted to their respective front door trim panels. The DDM and PDM are serviced individually and cannot be repaired. If the DDM or PDM, or any of the switches and circuitry that they contain are faulty or damaged, the complete DDM or PDM unit must be replaced.

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