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Individually controlled electrically heated front seats are available factory-installed optional equipment on this model. The seat heaters will only operate when the ignition switch is in the ON position, and the surface temperature at the front seat heating element sensors is below the designed temperature set points of the system. The heated seat system will not operate in ambient temperatures greater than about 32 C (90 F).

There are separate momentary, tactile, two-directional rocker switches located in the center console with center NEUTRAL, HI and LO positions for each front seat. Depressing the rocker switch to its momentary HI or LO position signals the Seat Heat Interface Module (SHIM) to power the selected heated seat and maintain the requested temperature setting (HI or LO). Each switch has a HI and LO Light-Emitting Diode (LED) which, via the SHIM, illuminates to give a visual indication that the system is in the HI or LO mode. The LO heat set point is about 32 C (90 F), and the HI heat set point is about 38 C (100 F). The system shall be deactivated whenever the same set position is depressed a second time and shall change states directly when switching from HI to LO or vice versa. The system shall be deactivated whenever the ignition switch is placed in the off position. When the ignition switch is placed back in the run position, the heated seat system shall remain deactivated until a momentary switch is depressed. When a seat heater is turned on, a sensor located near the seat cushion electric heater element provides the SHIM with input indicating the surface temperature of the seat cushion. If the surface temperature input is below the temperature set point of the SHIM for the selected temperature setting, an N-FET Transistor within the SHIM energizes the heating elements in the seat cushion and back. When the sensor input indicates the correct temperature set point has been achieved, the SHIM de-energizes the N-FET. The SHIM will continue to cycle the N-FET as needed to maintain the temperature set point.

The SHIM will automatically turn off the heating elements if it detects a short or an open in the heating element or a sensor out of range. These conditions will also cause the SHIM to notify the occupant of the failure via flashing the heated seat switch LED's as discussed later.

Switched battery power to the SHIM is supplied by the heated seat relay mounted to the seat cushion frame with the SHIM under the right front seat. The battery feed is protected by a circuit breaker located in the junction block.

Following are general descriptions of the major components in the heated seat system. Refer to 8W-63 - Power Seat With Heated Seats in Group 8W - Wiring Diagrams for complete circuit descriptions and diagrams.

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