Jeep Cherokee (KL): Introducing Uconnect. Get Started. Basic Voice Commands

Introducing Uconnect

Start using Uconnect Voice Recognition with these helpful quick tips. It provides the key Voice Commands and tips you need to know to control your Uconnect 5.0 or 8.4A/8.4AN system.

Uconnect 5.0
Uconnect 5.0

Key Features:

  • 5" touchscreen
  • Three buttons on either side of the display

Uconnect 8.4AN
Uconnect 8.4AN

If you see the icon on your touchscreen, you have the Uconnect 8.4AN system. If not, you have a Uconnect 8.4A system.

Get Started

All you need to control your Uconnect system with your voice are the buttons on your steering wheel.

1. Visit to check mobile device and feature compatibility and to find phone pairing instructions.

2. Reduce background noise. Wind and passenger conversations are examples of noise that may impact recognition.

3. Speak clearly at a normal pace and volume while facing straight ahead. The microphone is positioned on the rearview mirror and aimed at the driver.

4. Each time you give a Voice Command, you must first push either the VR or Phone button, wait until after the beep, then say your Voice Command.

5. You can interrupt the help message or system prompts by pushing the VR or Phone button and saying a Voice Command from current category.

Uconnect Voice Command Buttons
Uconnect Voice Command Buttons

1 - Push To Initiate Or To Answer A Phone Call, Send Or Receive A Text

2 - For All Radios: Push To Begin Radio Or Media functions. For 8.4A/8.4AN Only: Push To Begin Navigation, Apps And Climate Functions.

3 - Push To End Call

Basic Voice Commands

The basic Voice Commands below can be given at any point while using your Uconnect system.

Push the VR button   . After the beep, say

  • Cancel to stop a current voice session
  • Help to hear a list of suggested Voice Commands
  • Repeat to listen to the system prompts again

Notice the visual cues that inform you of your voice recognition system's status. Cues appear on the touchscreen.

Uconnect 5.0
Uconnect 5.0

Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN
Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN

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