Jeep Cherokee (KL): Radio. Media. Phone


Use your voice to quickly get to the AM, FM or SiriusXM Satellite Radio stations you would like to hear. (Subscription or included SiriusXM Satellite Radio trial required.)

Push the VR button   . After the beep, say

  • Tune to ninety-five-point-five FM
  • Tune to Satellite Channel Hits 1

TIP: At any time, if you are not sure of what to say or want to learn a Voice Command, push the VR button and say "Help." The system will provide you with a list of commands.

Uconnect 5.0 Radio
Uconnect 5.0 Radio

Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN Radio
Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN Radio


Uconnect offers connections via USB, SD, Bluetooth and auxiliary ports (If Equipped). Voice operation is only available for connected USB and AUX devices. (Remote CD player optional and not available on all vehicles.)

Push the VR button . After the beep, say one of the following commands and follow the prompts to switch your media source or choose an artist.

  • Change source to Bluetooth
  • Change source to AUX
  • Change source to USB
  • Play artist Beethoven; Play album Greatest Hits; Play song Moonlight Sonata; Play genre Classical

TIP: Press the Browse button on the touchscreen to see all of the music on your AUX or USB device. Your Voice Command must match exactly how the artist, album, song and genre information is displayed.

Uconnect 5.0 Media
Uconnect 5.0 Media

Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN Media
Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN Media


Making and answering hands-free phone calls is easy with Uconnect. When the Phonebook button is illuminated on your touchscreen, your system is ready. Check for mobile phone compatibility and pairing instructions.

Push the Phone button  . After the beep, say one of the following commands

  • Call John Smith
  • Dial 123-456-7890 and follow the system prompts
  • Redial (call previous outgoing phone number)
  • Call back (call previous incoming phone number)

TIP: When providing a Voice Command, push the Phone button and say "Call," then pronounce the name exactly as it appears in your phone book. When a contact has multiple phone numbers, you can say "Call John Smith work."

Uconnect 5.0 Phone
Uconnect 5.0 Phone

Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN Phone
Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN Phone

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