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What to do in emergencies
Recovery strap - if equipped

Your vehicle may be included with a recovery strap.

Recovery straps do not act like traditional tow straps, chains, or winch cables.


Recovery straps should only be used in emergencies to rescue stranded vehicles. Only use Recovery straps on vehicles that fit within the recommended GVW of your recovery strap. Only attach recovery straps to OE recommended anchor points or emergency towing anchor points. Never attach to tow ball or vehicle tie down point, these are not designed for this purpose.

Never attach to vehicle steering, drive train, or any other suspension components. NEVER pull a strap over sharp edges or abrasive surfaces that can damage the recovery strap. NEVER use a damaged strap, it has reduced strength. DO NOT attempt to repair straps.

ONLY persons involved in the recovery should be in either vehicle. No passengers. Anyone inside the vehicles can be struck by strap recoil, causing serious injury. MOVE bystanders at least 40 feet from the recovery area when using the recovery strap.

Using Recovery Strap

1. Review all warnings and instructions first.

2. Position the recovery vehicle.

3. Connect the recovery strap.

4. Add a recovery damper or blanket.

5. Clear the danger zone.

6. Safely and slowly start pulling.

7. Disconnect the recovery strap after both vehicle are secure and parked.

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