Jeep Cherokee (KL): Roof luggage rack

The load carried on the roof, when equipped with a luggage rack, must not exceed 150 lbs (68 kg), and it should be uniformly distributed over the cargo area.

Crossbars should always be used whenever cargo is placed on the roof rack. Check the straps frequently to be sure that the load remains securely attached.

NOTE: Crossbars can be purchased at an authorized dealer through Mopar parts.

External racks do not increase the total load carrying capacity of the vehicle. Be sure that the total occupant and luggage load inside the vehicle, plus the load on the luggage rack, do not exceed the maximum vehicle load capacity.


  • To avoid damage to the roof rack and vehicle, do not exceed the maximum roof rack load capacity.

    Always distribute heavy loads as evenly as possible and secure the load appropriately.

  • Long loads, which extend over the windshield, such as wood panels or surfboards, should be secured to both the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • Place a blanket or other protection between the surface of the roof and the load.
  • Travel at reduced speeds and turn corners carefully when carrying large or heavy loads on the roof rack. Wind forces, due to natural causes or nearby truck traffic, can add sudden upward loads. This is especially true on large flat loads and may result in damage to the cargo or your vehicle.


Cargo must be securely tied down before driving your vehicle. Improperly secured loads can fly off the vehicle, particularly at high speeds, resulting in personal injury or property damage. Follow the roof rack cautions when carrying cargo on your roof rack.

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