Jeep Cherokee (XJ): Service procedures

Remote keyless entry transmitter battery replacement

The Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter case snaps open and shut for battery access. To replace the RKE transmitter batteries: (1) Using a trim stick or another suitable wide flat-bladed tool, gently pry at the center seam of the transmitter case halves near the key ring until the two halves unsnap.

(2) Lift the back half of the transmitter case off of the transmitter.

(3) Remove the two batteries from the transmitter.

(4) Replace the two batteries with new Panasonic CR2016, or their equivalent. Be certain that the batteries are installed with their polarity correctly oriented.

(5) Align the two transmitter case halves with each other, and squeeze them firmly together until they snap back into place.

Remote keyless entry transmitter programming

To program the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter access codes into the RKE receiver requires the use of a DRB scan tool. Refer to the proper Diagnostic Procedures manual for more information.

Remote keyless entry receiver programming

The optional Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) system for this vehicle has a customer programmable horn chirp feature. The horn chirp is requested by the RKE receiver through a hard-wired circuit to the horn relay, whenever a valid Lock message is received from a programmed RKE radio transmitter.

The purpose of the horn chirp is to provide the vehicle operator with an audible verification that the Lock request has been received by the RKE receiver.

However, for any number of reasons, some customers may prefer that this feature be disabled. This RKE system allows them that option.

To program the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) receiver so that the horn chirp feature is disabled, proceed as follows: (1) While within the reception range of the RKE receiver, press and hold the Lock button of a programmed RKE transmitter depressed for five to ten seconds.

(2) While holding the RKE transmitter Lock button depressed, press and release the RKE transmitter Unlock button.

(3) The RKE horn chirp feature is now disabled.

Repeating the preceding steps will again enable the RKE horn chirp feature.

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