Jeep Cherokee (XJ): Diagnosis and testing


A DRB scan tool is required for diagnosis of the airbag system. See the proper Diagnostic Procedures manual for more information.

(1) Connect the DRB scan tool to the 16-way data link wire harness connector. The connector is located on the driver side lower edge of the instrument panel, outboard of the steering column (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 16-Way Data Link Connector - Typical
Fig. 1 16-Way Data Link Connector - Typical


(2) Turn the ignition switch to the On position.

Exit the vehicle with the DRB. Be certain that the DRB contains the latest version of the proper DRB software.

(3) Using the DRB, read and record the active Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) data.

(4) Read and record any stored DTC data.

(5) See the proper Diagnostic Procedures manual if any DTC is found in Step 3 or Step 4.

(6) After completing the necessary repairs, try to erase the stored DTC data. If any problems remain, the stored DTC data will not erase. See the proper Diagnostic Procedures manual for the procedures to diagnose any stored DTC that will not erase.

(7) With the ignition switch still in the On position, check to be certain that nobody is in the vehicle.

(8) From outside of the vehicle (away from the airbags in case of an accidental deployment) turn the ignition switch to the Off position for about ten seconds, and then back to the On position. Observe the airbag indicator lamp in the instrument cluster. It should light for six to eight seconds, and then go out.

This indicates that the airbag system is functioning normally.

NOTE: If the airbag indicator lamp fails to light, or lights and stays on, there is an airbag system malfunction.

See the proper Diagnostic Procedures manual to diagnose the problem.

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