Jeep Cherokee (XJ): Shifter/ignition interlock


On models equipped with an automatic transmission, a cable connects the ignition switch with the floor shift lever. The shifter will be locked in the PARK position when the ignition key is in the LOCK or ACCESSORY positions. The cable can be adjusted or replaced. Refer to Group 21, Transmissions for procedures. The ignition interlock device within the steering column is not serviceable. If service is necessary, the steering column must be replaced. Refer to Group 19, Steering for procedures.

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    The ignition key must be in the key cylinder for cylinder removal. The key cylinder must be removed first before removing ignition switch. KEY CYLINDER REMOVAL (1) Disconnect negative battery cabl ...

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    Ignition timing Ignition timing is not adjustable on any engine. Engine firing order-2.5L 4-cylinder engine Engine firing order-4.0L 6-cylinder engine Spark plugs Spark plug cable resi ...

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